Fiction Friday – self publishing changes

As a would be author I dream about finishing my novel and self publishing it with Amazon.  They have amazing tools that I long to use but it seems they are making some changes that could benefit me if and when I do ever publish.

Writers Circle Article
Has any one used Amazon to self publish?  I don’t mind doing the leg work myself, I spent 5 years in IMS online services so I think I can handle the online marketing. :)

And for the record I am still working on Chapter 7 of my novel.

Fiction Friday Update 

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever but some exciting new things have happened lately.  I am happy to announce that I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first child.  We are super excited and have been dealing with preparing ourselves and my two stepsons, ages 8 and 10, for baby. :). So far the youngest is super excited and full of questions while the older one has a more of a ‘been there done that’ attitude.

In writing news I just finished Chapter 6 of my novel (2nd draft) and sent the first 5 chapters to my beta reader.  I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of draft 2!  She liked the first draft but said it needed more detail.  It was a good start.

I have made no progress on Dark Angle Story #3.  I may have to re-read the first to in order to get re-inspired on it.

Fiction Friday Update

i am maybe half way through Chapter 5 of my novel, it’s getting pretty interesting and coming along much nicer in the 2nd draft.  Things are going to make for sense to those Beta readers that read the first draft and it’s currently more lengthy :)

I worked on Dark Angel 03, no working title for it yet but I am still a little stuck on it.  In due time I guess.