WNLF website deigns

I did some work re-design the website for the Wisconsin Native Loan Fund.  I won’t say which they picked but these two are my favs.


Centennial Timeline Layouts

centennial-timelineI had the honor of working at IMS during their Centennial Era, from 2009 to 2011. Our department was tasked with finding a creative way to display the facilities impressive history in a way that made sense to the average fan.

These are mock-ups that I did for a webpage that we were going to create so that people could access our database and see the different things that each Era had to offer. I say mock-ups because this was just the design phase and they didn’t want us to be hindered by what was current possible and to think outside the box.

The idea of a timeline was all mine and it made the final cut, but I can’t for the life of me recall exactly what the final site looked like.centennial-theme-round4-red

Sled Wraps

SkiDoo_XP-maple-hers-round3When I just started working with a small local company as a Graphic Artist one of the first things they had me work on were what they called Sled Wraps.  They are basically one giant sticker that people applied to their snowmobiles to change their appearance.   These items were produced by a huge printer that printed and cut on vinyl.

These were just some quick simple ones that I created to promote the product and they were sold at a snowmobile event, but I did a few custom designed wraps that I got to see installed on the machines.  It was amazing to see them, but also a real pain for those who had to apply them.  They had to be put on carefully and just right to maintain the desired appearance. Polaris_IQ_paint_green_smIMG Polaris_IQ_paint-dragon

Miller Lite Website

miller-homeWhile working for a race track I was asked to design a website for a Miller Lite promotional campaign.  It was a lost minute sort of thing that while behind the scenes seemed rushed on the outside it turned out amazing.

I used the graphics from their promotional packaging to create a simple but attractive 2 page site which the programmer then put together for me.

All in all I only spent a couple hours on it but it was a huge success and is still one of my portfolio pieces.  I am just so proud of the way it turned out and to work with such a great company was amazing.miller-form