about-meBad Kitty Creative is a website dedicated to my desire to rediscover a passion for the arts.  I have always been a creative person but after going to college and landing that dream job as a Web Designer, I got lost somewhere along the way.  As a professional, I got so used to creating for others that I forgot how to work on my own and think freely for myself.

Now I am a happy Stay-at-Home mom to two wonderful step-sons and will hopefully be adding one of my own to the mix.  But I want to get back to my creative roots so that I can share that joy with my kids.

Of course it doesn’t help that I am into a wide verity of creative things including but certainly not limited to, drawing, painting, crafts, digital art, photography and fiction writing.  As well as Freelancing professionally on the side.


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  1. Reading you short bio I see a lot that we have in common. I was a fine arts major in college but was discouraged from following that path by my German born strict parents. I later took up photography but did it strictly commercially and never shot for my own enjoyment. Now in retirement I shoot strictly for myself and the enjoyment of friends, family and good acquaintances. I’m happy and fulfilled at last. 🙂 I like your website and will be stopping in now & then. – Bob

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post about how to make bird houses out of flower pots. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more art into my daughter’s homeschool. I look forward to perusing your blog when I have some time!


  3. I can relate to it getting lost. Thankfully I found it again and I’m happy you found yours as well!

    Burn out after some major notice and not landing got me. There were other offers that I didn’t take and off goes the 20/20 hindsight bell. The true and honest emotional response is that in that moment I did the right thing(s).

    I think you might enjoy my “Cattitude” pages here on wordpress.

    CTB’s PAD, Photography Art Design, my historical I love me page. You don’t get stupid when you’ve been away for a time. You do get different perspective.


  4. I had the same experience, but now I’m back to doing what I love (not full time though, since I have a day job).


  5. Thanks for checking out my blog. It gave a me the chance to check out your blog and I am impressed by the sheer range of your creative pursuits! You’re doing wonderful work . . .


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