Group Sales Site Design

groupsalesIt’s all about mass appeal with designing a group sales site. This web design was based on 2008 their flyer, which was very colorful and to show case the three very different events, each event had their own set of pages and graphic, with its own unique color scheme, based on that year’s event logo.

I am very pleased with the final product, it colorful but easy to read and find what you are looking for which is very important for an informative website like this one.A400_pg03042008

Centennial Timeline Layouts

centennial-timelineI had the honor of working at IMS during their Centennial Era, from 2009 to 2011. Our department was tasked with finding a creative way to display the facilities impressive history in a way that made sense to the average fan.

These are mock-ups that I did for a webpage that we were going to create so that people could access our database and see the different things that each Era had to offer. I say mock-ups because this was just the design phase and they didn’t want us to be hindered by what was current possible and to think outside the box.

The idea of a timeline was all mine and it made the final cut, but I can’t for the life of me recall exactly what the final site looked like.centennial-theme-round4-red

Sled Wraps

SkiDoo_XP-maple-hers-round3When I just started working with a small local company as a Graphic Artist one of the first things they had me work on were what they called Sled Wraps.  They are basically one giant sticker that people applied to their snowmobiles to change their appearance.   These items were produced by a huge printer that printed and cut on vinyl.

These were just some quick simple ones that I created to promote the product and they were sold at a snowmobile event, but I did a few custom designed wraps that I got to see installed on the machines.  It was amazing to see them, but also a real pain for those who had to apply them.  They had to be put on carefully and just right to maintain the desired appearance. Polaris_IQ_paint_green_smIMG Polaris_IQ_paint-dragon

Event Schedule Wallpaper

500eventschedule-1600 While working for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I was tasked with creating a lot of Desktop Wallpapers.  These I really enjoyed working on because I had to think outside of the box.  They were to promote the various events that took place at the facility that year.  They were celebrating their Centennial Era so I tried to tie in the impressive past the place had with each event.  But focusing on when they could come and see the event that year.

Since some people were loyal to just their series, each event had their own and then there was one that had all three.

It’s weird but I actually kind of miss doing these each year and dealing with the challenge of coming up with something new each time.eventscheduletext-1600