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  1. Hi, I just saw that you “liked” Reflected Light: A Midsummer Art Exhibition. After reading your bio on your “about” page I can say I really commend you for what you did and are doing. Reflected Light is a show in central Indiana that reaches out to amazing artists who have long quit, slowed down or just got tired of creating in a fast paced world where business comes before family. Recently someone asked me to give a one sentence summary to define this show and I told them, “Cinderella meets Field of Dreams.” It just came out. My theory is each person has their own unique style. If you and I were asked to create the same object with paints, both our paintings would be so very different because of our perspective, training, eye, and past experiences with life, which would flow out of our hands into the art. We also reach out to beginning artist and some professionals.

    If you are in the central Indiana area, or will be in the next 2 weeks, I would be honored if you were to take part in this show. If not, thanks for looking and liking this page.

    Brian Russelburg
    curator, Reflected Light
    Avon, Indiana


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