Painting for a girl

I did this for my niece. She loves it.


I finished this piece for my other step son. He is obsessed with Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The eye glows in the dark.

My art inspired him to do his own piece. He came into my art area looking pouty and said he wanted to be artistic too, so I set him up and he made this for me. He is 10 BTW.

Crappies “R” Lunch – Muskie Mel Series

crappies-print-cropThis is one of the many wonderful oil paintings that my father, Mel Belt, has done over the years.  Of course the photo hardly does it justice.  The original painting current hangs on his wall, it’s a well done oil on canvas painting that he completed back in 2007.

He is an avid fisherman currently living out his retirement years in the inspiring northwoods.  Where he regularly paints, but rarely finishes, in his free time during the long winter months.  While working as a fishing guide he earned the nick name “Muskie Mel” from the locals for his skill in finding and usually catching the big muskies.

I have always admired his work but I am too afraid to pick up the brush myself for fear of falling short of his legacy.  I am sure one of these days I will have to sit down with him and let him show me some techniques so that I can someday bravely venture down this art path.

I have recently however talked him into to letting me sell his prints online.  This print is available on Etsy!  Click here to see that page.

Justin Pointillism

Recovered_JPEG_7321I really liked pointillism and I don’t know why.  After we did the ‘King Tut’ piece in college illustration class I opted to do this one in my free time.  It’s a much younger Justin Timberlake without his shirt on.  I really like the simplicity of it but looking at it now I could have put a little more detail into it maybe.  I mean you get the idea that it’s a young man.

It inspired a few more pointillism pieces which I will share with you guys later on down the line.  One of which is currently a work in progress that I hope to finish once I re-claim my art area down stairs.  It’s out of order do to some renovations.

High Contrast Drawing

JustinHighContrastThis was a college illustration assignment.  The assignment was to draw a part of the body using a Conté Crayon and white colored pencil on black charcoal paper.  I figured if I was going to be staring at something it might as well be something that appealed to me, so I picked the chest of a very attractive man, who happens to be Justin Timberlake.

I enjoyed the assignment and I am pleased with my work on it, it was also the inspiration for the ‘N Sync drawings that I ended up doing later in the year.

‘N Sync Drawings

chrishcWhen I was in college I had no money so I got the bright idea to draw something for a friend of mine in place of a gift on her birthday.  After all I had all the art stuff for my art classes.  This would have been back in 2003 so it shouldn’t be shocking that she was a fan of JC Chasez from ‘N Sync and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like the musical group myself.

So of course I couldn’t just draw one of them.  I had to draw all five but only gave my friend a print of the one she liked.   I hand drew them on black choral paper using colored pencils.  I used white and one other color in each artwork, making sure that none of them had the same color.  I was really happy with the way they turned out.  I was tweaking them one day during free time in our Portfolio Class when I instructor noticed and suggested that I use them in my portfolio.  A class mate also commented that they were among my best works.