Starting him young

I am introducing my 1.5 year old to art.  It’s a messy process but I love it.  Searching Pinterest for projects we can do together.


Hand Made Party invites 

My husband was worried, and rightfully so, when I announced that I wanted to hand made the invitations for our sons 1st Birthday party.  The concern was that I rarely finish anything :). 
It got worse when I started cutting out and glue together a dozen tiny trucks and excavators but I got it done just in time with a few extras for decorating the house with.
I wanted something special for him and he like trucks, just trucks, not chuck the truck or whatever.  I do t encourage him to watch tv so he doesn’t know who or wat that all is.  So most of the store bought theme items were out of the question.

So pleased with the results.

Painting Easter Eggs with the kids


Yes even the furry child, it seems no one in this house can do arts and crafts without his ‘help’ lol. Last year the kids did a dozen small fake eggs.  This we consolidated but going with on big egg each, from Walmart.  

Sadly I am starting to realize that my step kids just aren’t that in to art.  They were excited to do it but spent all of maybe 10 minutes on the project with no real plan or purpose to their craft.

Awe well it was fun anyway.  

I did however spend so much time trying to keep the cat out of everything that I haven’t even painted mine yet.  Mine was the white one.



Christmas art

The boys and I worked up a few homemade Christmas presents this year, sorry for posting this so late, I know Christmas is over.  But I recently went over to my mother-in-laws house and say the art work proudly framed and hung in her bedroom so we must have done something right.

I so should have taken photos of the process.  The boys loved getting messy more than anything.

Easter eggs

The kids are always wanting to color Easter eggs but no one in our house eats hard boiled eggs and it is such a hassle. So this year we bought fake eggs tht I found at Walmart, which claimed to be like the real thing and used my acrylic paints to color them.

I think they turned out pretty good, I am sure they will end up broken or in the trash at some point but at least we avoided the mess.


Playful Youth Calendar

IMG_7967I have always enjoyed photographing children, usually from a far without them knowing.  When my husband and I were just dating and I didn’t have any money I decided to make him something for Christmas instead.  I found one of those ‘free’ calendar offers and put together these shots of his kids.  I used Photoshop to single the kids out from the background, turning the background grey scale, then copying the kids and putting them at 50% color so that they get your full attention.  I will admit that some photos lend themselves to this kind of treatment better than others.

In the end he loved the gift and we still have that calendar today even though it’s now a few years old.  The images are still beautiful and show their youthful energy.  I adore photo gifts and I try to hand them out when I can.