Abstract Heart painting 

I found this in my art area, which I am working on reclaiming.  Not sure where I was going with it but I think it’s done.  Tossed it up on my Etsy shop if anyone it interested.




Painting Easter Eggs with the kids


Yes even the furry child, it seems no one in this house can do arts and crafts without his ‘help’ lol. Last year the kids did a dozen small fake eggs.  This we consolidated but going with on big egg each, from Walmart.  

Sadly I am starting to realize that my step kids just aren’t that in to art.  They were excited to do it but spent all of maybe 10 minutes on the project with no real plan or purpose to their craft.

Awe well it was fun anyway.  

I did however spend so much time trying to keep the cat out of everything that I haven’t even painted mine yet.  Mine was the white one.



Finding inspiration 

in all the wrong places?  It was recently inspired by this artwork that I saw hanging in the bathroom at a bar. Lol.  I think I can tweak it, making it my own and use it as wall art in my bedroom.

I am however trying to create it using things that I already have, like paint, paper and cardstock.  So far this is all I have to show for my efforts. 

Where is the strangest place that you have seen something the you like, wanted to recreate or just admired?

I also like this one as well but as an artist I have a hard time buying art for my walls,  I SHOULD be able to create my own.

My new apprentice 

Meet Jynx, not so helpful helper.  Every time I head down into my craft area he is right behind me.  He will start out on the extra stool down there and slowly inch his way onto my lap or the table, where he steals my stuff or sticks his paws in everything.  Not to even mention the long hairs!

It’s a good thing that he is cute but he sure puts the ‘bad kitty’ into bad kitty creative. Lol

If I run him off enough he will find a place nearby to lay and pout for awhile before trying again.  I have tried to include him on some projects but he has little to no interst in following directions.  Such a little art Diva.

Christmas art

The boys and I worked up a few homemade Christmas presents this year, sorry for posting this so late, I know Christmas is over.  But I recently went over to my mother-in-laws house and say the art work proudly framed and hung in her bedroom so we must have done something right.

I so should have taken photos of the process.  The boys loved getting messy more than anything.

Preying Manta – Muskie Mel Series

preying-print-cropThis is the forth and final in a series of muskie paintings that my father did, so far any way.  This is a beautiful oil on canvas painting.  Manta refers to the bait used in the painting, my dad is an avid muskie fisherman and really knows his stuff.

He actually use a fish that he caught to pose and photography ti for later use in this artwork.

This print is available in our Esty Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadKittyCreative?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Perch in Peril – Muskie Mel Series

perch-print-cropYet another amazing oil painting by my father, Mel Belt. Me posting these online has inspired him to doing some more paintings. He is currently working on a painting of a nesting common loon from a photo that he took last year. I can’t wait for him to finish it so that I can share that one as well.
I am also trying to do some fine art myself but I still have to finish my basement remodeling before I can dive into anything too complex. I will have a newly refurbished work space when I am done.

You can buy a print of this painting online in our Esty shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/183363970/perch-in-peril?