Some thing’s never change

Well at least something’s haven’t changed as I return to work in my art area…

My work space still gets invaded with fury helpers minutes after I step into it and you know what? I would t have it any other way.


My new apprentice 

Meet Jynx, not so helpful helper.  Every time I head down into my craft area he is right behind me.  He will start out on the extra stool down there and slowly inch his way onto my lap or the table, where he steals my stuff or sticks his paws in everything.  Not to even mention the long hairs!

It’s a good thing that he is cute but he sure puts the ‘bad kitty’ into bad kitty creative. Lol

If I run him off enough he will find a place nearby to lay and pout for awhile before trying again.  I have tried to include him on some projects but he has little to no interst in following directions.  Such a little art Diva.

Cat Drawing – Early work

TazThis is a really old one, a colored pencil drawing of my cat.  It was from a photo that I had taken of him when we both were much younger.  I used to love to dress him up and take his picture.  As luck would have it I still have this cat, his name is Taz and he will me 20 years old this April.

I am pretty sure that this was one of the first projects we did in college.  I know it’s not my best work but I still love it.