Dark Angel: A Sinister Sister – Part 1


A Sinister Sister – Part 1

Dark Angel Series

By Kathryn E Wanta

(Rated T for Teen, some language, violence and suggestive undertones.)

If you haven’t read the first in the series “The Gatekeeper’s Daughter” then read it first here.

Part 1 of  3

It was late into the night time hours when Keesabella made her way home. She had been spending so much time trying hard to get to know her guarded father and his kind, but he withheld so much from her, afraid of what she might do with the knowledge. She understood that demons weren’t to be trusted, but she was not like them, at least not completely.

Breaking down the walls he had built around his cold heart would take time and she knew that. Kee hoped it would be worth it for her in the end. Since finding out the she was an unthinkable half breed some months before, a lot of her time was spent trying to uncover her hidden talents and that part of herself that had been missing all those years. The side that her mother had locked away for so long. Seventeen years in the life of an immortal being was nothing, unless it was the first seventeen. A time when so much growing and developing took place. She could only pray that she hadn’t missed out on the opportunity to reach her full potential.

A movement catches her eye. It’s late and few were awake at this hour so it was unsettling, only those up to no good, much like herself, would be out at this time of night, a time when darkness reaches its lightest point. She instinctively placed a hand on the handle of the blade at her side. It was a small dagger, an ornate and mostly decorative blade given to her as a gift from Pyregon for the previous birthday. Keesabella always had it on her. Its small size made it easy to hide under a long cloak, like she wore that night.

Something tried to grab her from behind, but she spun just in time to run her knife into its guts. There was a shocked and pained expression on the Orc’s face as she held him there at the mercy of her wrist. If she removed it quickly the creature might survive the injury, but a simple twist of her delicate wrist would end it all. In his hands were items needed to abduct the young princess. What he intended to do with her once he had her was anyone’s guess, but surely unpleasant.

A foul scent filled her airways. Orcs were vile things that stunk of the rot and decay of their kills. Rarely bathed blood-soaked hands and untended wounds were displayed with pride, as were their many sins.

She didn’t say a word or ask a single question. He would not answer her any way. What he got was a sudden and deliberate jerk of her hand. No one would miss him, and nothing would stop him from trying to kidnap and murder again. He was a waste of precious space and a hazard if left alive for too long.

It made no sound as it slipped away from her and fell to the dirt path below. The black rancid blood seeped out onto the ground. She quickly retracted the blade and wiped it clean with her cloak. She had never killed before. It didn’t seem to bother her as much as one might have thought, but then again he wasn’t exactly someone worth weeping for.

The young princess felt no remorse for it as she spun back around only to come face to face with a blade pointed right at her throat. This Orc seemed slightly shaken by what he had just witnessed, yet an evil look in his eye remained.   She wasn’t about to be taken or killed by such an insignificant thing.

The blade at her throat was hastily made and appeared rather dull, even in the dim light of the street lamp. Its damage would be minimal under certain circumstances, so with a quick yet forceful swat she sent it flying into a nearby building, taking just a slight cut to the palm of her hand. Before the stunned attacker could gather himself, he got a swift kick to the head that knocked him off balance, while she eyed her own blade again.

The fine, well-crafted instrument of death sliced through the air with great ease and right into the Orc’s throat. This one gurgled a little, trying to find some air before slowly falling to his knees and then to the ground. Kee was fast to retrieve the only weapon that had kept her safe so far. Holding it close, she looked about for any signs that there were more Orcs, before putting her back to the wall and making for the safety of the palace.

It’s didn’t take the guards long to see the black blood smeared on her attire. They had become accustomed to her sneaking out, but had never cared enough to do anything about it, until now. The king would have their heads should he find out that they let his youngest leave without proper provisions. They were quick to respond now, rushing the princess inside for questioning, while a detail went out to clean up the mess she had left on the dark streets.

Kee was calm about the whole thing. The real danger appeared to have passed, as she stood there in the safety of the palace walls. It was a side of her that most people were used to. It scared them to think what she might be capable of should someone push her too far. Deadly Orc assassins were apparently no match for the teen, and the attempt on her life hadn’t shaken the girl in the slightest.

There was no way that those kinds of rumors wouldn’t spread around the kingdom like wildfire. Their sweet and innocent princess wasn’t so innocent any more. She was painting a bigger target on her back by the day. Her natural ability to handle trouble wasn’t a secret that she could keep for very long. She wasn’t like them and it was starting to show. They could see it in her eyes, as she explained to Pyregon what had happened. There was no sadness to her cold voice. They had gotten what they deserved, in her mind. Something about them stunk of betrayal and lies.

The first to come to comfort the princess was one of the few people that knew her secret, and the only one that didn’t seem to fear her in light of that. Jinx found her friend in her room, still looking out her favorite window as workers in the distance worked to remove the signs that anything had happened.

“You handle traumatic events well,” Jinx commented, looking out the window at the scene from a far. It hadn’t been a major massacre, but it had been more than the spoiled child of a king should have been able to handle on her own.

“You’d rather me show weakness at a time like this?” Kee wondered out loud. If it were anyone else, any other circumstance, she wouldn’t agree, but Kee needed to play along for now as if she belonged. In this place sorrow and fear were considered weaknesses. Those were the kinds of emotions that got people killed.

Since stopping the potion completely and allowing herself to become whatever this was, things had gotten hard. She felt invincible but knew that she wasn’t, no one was. The good in her was still there but there was also a bit of a temper that had been lacking before or maybe suppressed. She had always been intolerant of the injustice of their world but now struggled to stand idly by. It had to be that righteous feeling bubbling up inside of her, telling her that this was all wrong and driving her to engage when she normally wouldn’t.

Her life would be complicated from now on. She could accept that, but it was hardly her fault. The fight had come to her, and it was her right as a living creature to defend herself to the best of her ability. It wasn’t natural for things to just lay down and let death come. Orcs had never been a problem in this part before, They were closely linked to demons due to their horrible nature. As like creatures, they were often cordial.

“This makes little sense,” Kee stated, not really making eye contact with her friend. Her sights were set on her small dagger, it had been properly cleaned and promptly returned, at the princess’ request. She wasn’t taking any chances on a second attack so soon after the first. “I fear there is something sinister at play here.”

“Your family has no shortage of enemies and as the youngest, you would naturally be assumed the weakest link and best target for an attack,” Jinx pointed out. They would need to investigate further, of course.

“This felt personal,” she admitted, stopping to think about it some more. “You don’t think… my heritage would have anything to do with this? It’s too soon, is it not?”

“It will always be a possibility that we will have to consider.”

Kee smiled at the use of the word we, of course her ally would stand by her even now when most would back away, fearing that involvement might lead to becoming a target as well.   But then that would require someone to take notice of the usually invisible Jinx.

“We must be discrete,” Kee instructed, putting a single finger to her lips and letting her eyes lower slightly, indicating that no one was to be trusted.

They went days with few leads. It seemed as though no one wanted to fess up to a failed attempt to bring harm to Keesabella Buer. Jinx was a regular at the palace these days, often going unnoticed by many, or at least no one usually talked to her, which allowed her to go about her business with ease.

“Excuse me, miss?” a young man asked. He grabbed Jinx’s arm and nearly spun her around, just to get her to stop. She had heard him calling for someone and had naturally assumed he was talking to someone else. “I am sorry to bother you. You seem to be in a hurry, but I have seen you around and I just had to get your name.”

“Jinx… I am Jinx Amboni,” she stuttered, her eyes fixed on the hand that still held her wrist. His touch was hot like fire on her cold skin. She waited for him to retract his hand and leave her, like so many men in the past, turned off by the mere mention of her name. He did not.

“I have heard a lot about you. You’re a Dhampir?” he questioned, showing interest in her. It was easy to get lost in his dark eyes and pleasant features.

“Something like that. I didn’t catch your name,” she stated, insisting on knowing more about the man that seemed to know so much about her. While allowing herself to dream that someone of the opposite gender might actually find her interesting, she struggled to remain realistic.

His name was Deacon. He admitted that he was there to see Dire, but had noticed Jinx around a lot, as of late, and wanted to make an introduction. It was common for single young men to always keep their options open and flexible just in case something better were to come along, that same could be said for some married men. This wasn’t lost on Jinx though few people spoke to her, most had some kind of hidden agenda.

With Dire’s name in the mix she lost some interest and bid the man fairwell for now. She knew that she couldn’t compete with royalty for a man, but it was always nice to make a new friend. She knew that it would likely never be more than that.

Meeting up with Kee for their usual weekly sparing session, they amused each other with some feminine chatter. After becoming bored with concern about her situation, Kee started to insist that they talk about something else, anything else would do as long as it didn’t involve her unfortunate run in or the lack of credible leads. It seemed as though, for now, the danger had passed and a valuable lesson had been learned by someone.

“I met a boy today,” Jinx offered out of nowhere. The statement caught Keesabella a little off guard, but brought a smile none the less. She knew that Jinx was a great person and it was about time that the opposite sex realized as much, but the whiteness of her teeth disappeared as quickly as it had come at the mere mention of his name.

“Guard yourself my friend,” Kee warned harshly. “Dire doesn’t exactly attract men of great honor.” There has never been a shortage of men in Dire’s life, but all the years that Kee could recall, none of them had been of any quality that she would want for her friend.

“I know, but maybe I can pick up the pieces of his broken heart, once Dire rips it from his chest, and rearrange them as needed.” There was hope in her eyes and that concerned Kee. People weren’t something that could so easily be put back together. Change should never be expected. In her experience, people never truly changed, they just adapted and moved on. They were still as they were before on the inside, where is counted the most.

While she had not really spent much time with the flavor of the week, her track record still stood true for drawing in unsavory souls and proving to be more of a monster than even they could ever hope to be. In the end, she would put Deacon in his place and discard the broken man for a new toy to play with.

“You know that he is a demon Shade, right?” Kee asked. A rare sixth sense she had developed over the years told her as much, just by catching a glimpse of him once or twice. He was pleasant to look at, but his soul didn’t match. It was all an illusion, not unlike the one that her mother had used on her for so long. He had the soul of a demon living inside of him, whether he knew it himself or not. Deacon only looked human, which naturally appealed to the human side of her friend.

“A Shade. Are you sure? I didn’t get that vibe,.” Jinx questioned.

Kee nodded. Her sister would not bed down with anything less than a demon or fiendish creature of some kind. Humans were too weak and needy to fill the spoiled Succubus’ need for power and control. They didn’t have it in them to be the monster they needed to be to survive an attack by the likes of her. Dire would have them dead and drained within a week.

“You could do better. There is nothing wrong with setting your standards a little high when it comes to love. As a friend I am sure Deacon will fill some void in your life.” It may be wrong to imply that Jinx was lonely, but as the only person the Wicken child visited, she understood the need to expand her social network.

Jinx laughed to think that she was taking advice on love from both a Succubus and an angel at the same time. She didn’t know much about angels, only what rumors told of them, but none of the stories suggested that the beautiful creatures were anything other than selfish.


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