Fiction Friday – Update

dark-angel-cover-art-02I will be releasing the 2nd in the ‘Dark Angel Series’ in 3 parts over the next 3 Fridays!  If you have not read the first one ‘The Gatekeeper’s Daughter’ you may do so here. 

This one picks up more or less where the last left off, Keesabella has embraced her too self but it still struggling to find out what defines her, while trying to keep her mother’s secret and herself safe for now.

I am working on finalizing a 3rd in that series to send to my editor ASAP.  So that I can keep the story going.   I have many ideas of where I would like to see it go in the future.  Feel free however to comment your own suggestions.  🙂

In terms of my novel I did work some on Chapter 3 this week 🙂  but that was about it.  I got side tracked trying to get the Short stories series released.  I wanted you guys to have something new to read.


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