These are just a few of my most recent obsessions lately that have taken me away from my creative works.  They are worth sharing I think, as I do enjoy them.  They just tend to get in the way of real progress some times. 🙂 

Dragon Age: Origins (PC Game)

EA Games Official Site 

 Origins (used to be EA games) offered this 2009 PC game as their ‘On the house” game just before the release of the new Dragon Age: Inquisition in Nov.  I am so mad at myself for not having gotten it sooner.  I love the story line and flow of the game never mind the some what dated graphics.  I am sure the new on is even better but I haven’t brought myself to spend the money to get that one just yet, plus I am still enjoying my romances with Alistair. lol  It does however inspire my writings of the Dark Angel Series as it is set in a fictional medieval like world not unlike Nuevia.


Game of War – Fire Age (iPhone Game) 

Official iSO Link 

Official Android Link 

 I saw this one advertized a lot lately and thought I would try it out, I had really liked the Hobbits: Kingdoms of Middle Earth and it reminded me a lot of that game.  It’s free to play and you play against other people, which only adds to it’s addictiveness as everyone wants to be the best, others can and will attack you to try to bring you down and better themselves. I supposed it could help in combat strategy training? 

 There are others but those are the main ones right now.  I can’t seem to walk away from them and I try to use the ‘reward’ system, as in if I do so much work then I can game so much, but it doesn’t always work out for me. 

 Do you guys have any favorite distractions?




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