Fiction Fridays – update

As part of my blog ‘reboot’ I am going to try to post weekly, or at least bi-weekly, updates on my fiction.

Fans of the ‘Dark Angel Series’ will be happy to to know that I have the draft of the 2nd short story in the series back from the editor, the bad news is that I have had it for months.  I hope to finalize it soon so that I can post it for you guys real soon.

It continues where ‘Dark Angel: The Gatekeeper’s Daughter’ left off.   Keesabella knows her mother’s dark secret and struggles with her own identity.  Leading a double life is not without risks, in a world where everyone has secrets, they are increasingly harder to keep.  Someone close to her starts to suspect something much more sinister is afoot and threatens to ruin everything.

As for my novel, I am currently working on the 2nd draft, only to Chapter 3 so far but I don’t want to force it.  This version is already leaps and bounds above the last.  The Novel is a series of what will be 4 books, this one being ‘The Gatican: Origin’ (working title and subject to change).  It is about a young girl that discovers, after a horrific personal tragedy, that important information about herself has been kept from her.  It explains a lot about her mother’s strange obsession with keeping her safe and forcing her to live a seemingly normal life, but she is anything but normal.  She is a dangerous halfbreed, part human and part something unknown, that with the help of friends uses her superhuman abilities to avenge her mother’s death.


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