Sled Wraps

SkiDoo_XP-maple-hers-round3When I just started working with a small local company as a Graphic Artist one of the first things they had me work on were what they called Sled Wraps.  They are basically one giant sticker that people applied to their snowmobiles to change their appearance.   These items were produced by a huge printer that printed and cut on vinyl.

These were just some quick simple ones that I created to promote the product and they were sold at a snowmobile event, but I did a few custom designed wraps that I got to see installed on the machines.  It was amazing to see them, but also a real pain for those who had to apply them.  They had to be put on carefully and just right to maintain the desired appearance. Polaris_IQ_paint_green_smIMG Polaris_IQ_paint-dragon


8 thoughts on “Sled Wraps

    • It was rewarding and also challenging. What I saw on my screen was different from what it looked like on the machine. The templates are ‘flat’, you have to picture it in your head

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  1. thank you for visiting my blog!
    I learned something new this morning – sled wraps!
    What a unique way to change the look of an object! It was interesting to learn about this concept, Katy! I was thinking about how people wear sled wraps as well – how the exterior is often quite different than the interior of a person. hmmmm. Like a mask.

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    • You are not the first to ask, I actually did it as a special order when I worked at a local wrap place. It was never mass produced. That business no longer does wraps and I am trying to find a new printer but so far they have all wanted too much, since I would have to recreate it I need to turn a profit. But if I ever get it all worked out I will definitely let you know. 🙂

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