Playful Youth Calendar

IMG_7967I have always enjoyed photographing children, usually from a far without them knowing.  When my husband and I were just dating and I didn’t have any money I decided to make him something for Christmas instead.  I found one of those ‘free’ calendar offers and put together these shots of his kids.  I used Photoshop to single the kids out from the background, turning the background grey scale, then copying the kids and putting them at 50% color so that they get your full attention.  I will admit that some photos lend themselves to this kind of treatment better than others.

In the end he loved the gift and we still have that calendar today even though it’s now a few years old.  The images are still beautiful and show their youthful energy.  I adore photo gifts and I try to hand them out when I can.


One thought on “Playful Youth Calendar

  1. Early in my photographic career I needed to learn how to photograph young children. I decided to volunteer to work in my church’s 2 year old nursery to gain experience. I learned a lot in the two years I stayed there, giving the finished prints to the parents of the kids I captured. I also changed a lot of diapers and had a lot of tea parties. 🙂


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