The Ultimate Funjetter

I don’t usually do this but I am entering to win ‘The Ultimate Funjetter’ Sweepstakes at

I would love to win this because i can’t think of a better way to rediscover my passion for creativity than to get away for awhile and see the world.  I traveled a lot when I worked the the racing league and I got to see some amazing places, but it didn’t allow for much free time to explore these unique and inspiring new worlds.  I would love the opportunity to visit or re-visit some of those places with no agenda and nothing to hold me back from taking as many photographs as my camera cards can hold and bring them all back here to create something more out of them.

On a more personal note my husband and I have been trying for awhile now to have a baby of our own, he currently has 2 sons from a previous marriage.  I think that stress is really getting to me and I could use a break from it.  A dream vacation could be just what the doctor ordered to help make all our dreams come true.

Here are some photos that I took on my work trips over the years.

Japan 2007 during the cherry blossom blooming.


Australia 2008 – Surfers Paradise


Las Vegas 2008 – I also went back in 2013 for my honeymoon.362_93099910117_4033_n

Bahamas 2006 – Queen’s stairscase in Nassau223349_9630720117_14_n


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