Gundam Models

photo For those of you that don’t know, Gundam’s are giant robot “mobile suits” form the anime series by that same name.  They sell these model kits on the internet and for whatever reason my brother decided that the little monsters needed them for Christmas this year.  All joking aside they really like them, it was the putting them together that was… interesting.

Of course they couldn’t wait to open the boxes to reveal all the tiny pieces which were luckily held together and still wrapped, but to make things interesting and keep me on my toes I guess they somehow managed to switch the pieces around despite my efforts to keep it all straight.  So when I was trying to help put them together we had the pieces for the wrong model.

We tossed a coin to see who I was going to help build their Gundam first and the oldest monster won.  I tried making him put it together but he was so excited that his little fingers were shaking.  I ended up doing most of the work, not that I minded, it was actually fun accept for the kid that kept taking the pieces to play with them.  When we got it all done the oldest monster ran off with his.

I did the youngest monster’s while he was taking a nap so when he woke up it was magically together.  I would do more of them but just not with the little monsters around.  They just aren’t old enough or lack the patience to really help.photo2


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