King Tut Pointillism

Recovered_JPEG_6241In my college Illustration class, we were assigned to do a pointillism art work using black ink and a rapidograph pen.  Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small dots create the patterns of an image.  I had done pointillism in High School but at that time we used colored pencils and the art I created was good, for a high school student.

When I picked a picture of King Tut’s burial mask my instructor cautioned me that the metal would be a challenge to recreate using the tiny dots and he wasn’t sure how a ‘portrait’ would turn out, in that style.  I didn’t see how that mattered so I refused to chose something else.

The piece ended up great and as it turned out it was something that I really enjoyed doing despite its seemingly repetitive nature.  It is almost relaxing. I was inspired to do several other pieces which I will share with you guys later.  One I have in my art area however remains unfinished after starting it and taking months off my rapidograph had to be cleaned out because the ink had dried in it.  Maybe soon I will get down there to wrap it up.  It is actually a really good piece.


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