Pottery Painting with Kids

crafts-pottery-kids2012 This past summer I challenged myself to keep the little monsters busy doing something other than sitting on their little butts.  So I checked the local event calendar and found some fun things for us to do.  One thing that the kids seemed to enjoy was a pottery painting class put on by a local business and some parents.  It was a small unofficial gathering and I think the kids had more fun playing with the other kids on the playground nearby than they did actually painting the pots but at least we were out of the house.

As for the end products, they weren’t bad but the oldest monster was in such a hurry to get back to playing he kind of rushed through the motions and could have cared less if he actually painted a pot.  His was the blue one and the big yellow blob on the side is supposed to be a Pokémon.   The youngest showed up late and he was also not interested in the painting as much as I had hoped, he wanted to play with the kids on the Merry-go-round but I told him to give painting a try.  His was painted all green, his favorite color.

They even supplied plants to put in the pots when we were done and the ‘professional’ gardener they had helped the kids glue ‘knick knacks’ to their pots if they wanted to.  We were feed “dirt pudding” before we left and all in all it was a great day.crafts-pottery-kids2012-2crafts-pottery-kids2012-3


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