Website Re-launch!

bad-kitty3000Today I am re-launching my Website and Blog.  This website is dedicated to rediscovering a passion for creativity.  In life it’s easy to get side tracked and lose sight of the things that mean the most to you, which is exactly what happened to me.

After going to college and landing my dream job as a Web Designer I got so used to creating for other people that I forgot how to work on my own and think freely for myself.

Awhile back I one of my little step-monsters asked me if we could start doing art for fun, and not just for school or work.  I said of course!  I started preparing my art area to be used once again but I realized that somewhere along the way, I forgot how to draw.  It’s one of those things that you never really miss until you realize it’s gone.

I worked professionally as a graphic designer/web designer for a number of years and despite all the challenges that came with designing for other people, I loved what I did.  When I got laid off due to downsizing I was heartbroken but as they say life goes on.

Now I am happily married and a stay-at-home mom to two step-sons and hope to add one of my own.  Sometimes I think that I miss working outside of the home but what I really think I miss is opportunity to be creative and to challenge myself.  I want to work on that.

I like to dabble in a lot of different creative areas, all listed on this site and a few that I will probably make up along the way and I am looking forward to including friends and family in my creative adventures.  I know so many.




4 thoughts on “Website Re-launch!

  1. Hello Katie,
    I just saw you liked one of my sketchbook posts (thank you very much) and when I found your page, I was happy to see you are trying to rediscover your creativity as well. I also read you are already a graphic designer. Actually I’m trying to enter a school for graphic design in May this year. I was never trained in art (no art classes in school really) so I’m still lacking some skills and techniques. Wondered if you could give me some tips on how to improve/feedback on my drawings from life. Because the professor who saw my portfolio mentioned I haven’t got any drawings from life…. well, and other stuff (composition, contrast etc.) I’d be really happy to hear from you – Romica


    • I would be happy to comment/give feedback, I will head over to your blog shortly to look things over and see if I can be helpful. Graphic Design as a profession is a hard field to get into lately, because any idiot with Photoshop seems to think they can do it. There is a certain degree of skill and talent involved in doing to well though. I think you have a solid foundation – even without ‘proper training’.

      I am not sure what you/they meant by “drawing from life’. I can only assume that means ‘realism’, as it it looks like something that actually exists, but there are certainly other forms of art out there.

      I am not sure how much help I will be, I am trying to re-learn how to draw myself. But maybe was can bounce some ideas and inspiration off each other. 🙂


      • Oh thank you so much Katie 🙂 I’m really grateful to hear that. Actually they meant I should draw things which are 3d so anything in “real life” basically and nothing from photos. So yeah, To train “the eye”? I don’t know 100% but it seems it is a big deal and it was basically almost completely missing in my portfolio (I have a lot of digital drawings but not on my blog… more on deviantart-site). What do you think, in your own opinion, is the main job of a graphic designer? What is important, what skills should one have? I took me such a long time to start drawing again but it I can see slow progress. It does cause frustration as well, because I still lack skills like drawing in perspective (which is essential I think) but I really hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time 🙂


      • Honestly, the main job of a Graphic Designer is to convey a message that is not your own and to please others. As a professional Designer you will be working for other people to create the look and feel that they want. You should be proud of the work you do but realize that what you like may not be what the client likes/wants. There are things in my portfolio – finished pieces that clients loved – and I am very proud of. But some are the rejects that clients hated and I will rarely admit which is which. 🙂 You have to like to be challenged, questioned and pushed to be successful.
        Art and Design skills obviously. And understanding of layout and use of space. Bu you also need good people skills. The ability to listen and convey your ideas as well as ask questions in order to find out what the client is looking for. Just winging it or “do what you think is best’ rarely works out. lol
        I have a ton of project ideas, I just need to start them and I think the creativity will return to me. It’s the starting that is hard. As a professional Designer i am so used to taking orders.


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